Go team!

I am a born cheerleader.   Believe it or not I have JUST figured this out.   I love to tell people stuff they should like, stuff they should do and where they should go…you know who you are (with my eyebrow raised) .

I came to this conclusion just a few weeks ago.    I headed out early that morning, coffee in hand to the end of my driveway.   I was there to see my friend Laura ride by in the Fabulous 4th Bike Tour http://www.fabulous4thbiketour.org/ .   As the first people came by I couldn’t just stand there, so I was like “Good Morning, good job”.    They looked at me like, what the what?   So the next group got a “Great job, way to go!”   The subsequent groups got lots of “Way to go, and this is downhill, and you got this”    Almost everyone smiled; some people are too serious for their own good.     Some riders nodded, some waved and some even chattered back at me.  I ran out of coffee and it was getting hot but I couldn’t leave until they ALL went by; they all deserved to be cheered for.     It was a great way to start off the day, and it got me thinking.

828 is going to be my mega-phone I plan to keep cheering for the people and things I believe in…stay tuned


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