Not just big gifts…

For shoppers that have ventured into the wonderful locations of the Architectual Warehouse (Landrum and Tryon) will surely express that new visitors are in for a treat.  One could physically and literally get lost in the aisles of salvaged doors, windows and large scale furniture.  Seemingly an unlikely stop for holiday gifts? — Think again.

This is truly a place where one can discover “finds.”  Along with dining room tables the size of some New York City apartments, stained glass lamps, antique rugs and chairs fit for a King — smaller mirrors, ornaments, fig candles and lotions from Thymes are peppered throughout both stores.

On my recent shopping visit, I picked up 5 holiday ornaments at $2 a piece!  Great stocking stuffers and decorations for holiday gift wrap adornment.  Check out our pics for a few of the unique items that KcG and I found when we visited.

As a bonus — you might get waited on by the lovely Pam McCarthy that can set a killer holiday table and gives the best, honest advice on home decor.

Shop the 828 — and tell them we encouraged your shopping experience.

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