Head Too Toe — additional photos — great choices for gifts and holiday attire

I stopped by Head Too Toe late last night after KcG posted on the 828 about her fabulous finds at the store.  — Stopped by to ask about gift certificates for a friend and just couldn’t help but take some more pictures of the fully stocked store.  There are many options and great prices.  Be sure to check out their heavily discounted sales rack, too.

Along with cute dresses, tops, scarves, and leggiings, Head Too Toe has stunning, “on-trend” jewelry.  The “statement piece” necklaces will surely make a bold statement this holiday season.  Don’t forget that gift certificates for styling, makeup, and massage are also available. 

Give the gift that gives your loved one something to look forward to after the holiday, too.  (And if my husband is reading this – which he won’t — hint hint…. there is a really cute taupe top and matching necklace are awaiting — for ME.  Just ask Stacy or Callista — they’ll hook you up with what I like! Ha).

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