Jerry’s Baddle

Last spring a group of us went to watch this race.    Not knowing what to expect… we drove to Saluda, wiggled our way down Green River Cove Road and met our party.    Once we walked out of the parking lot and into the woods, I can not tell how beautiful it was.    I’m not a big hiker but this was FUN!    We hiked about 30 minutes up the river; over and under rocks and trees to find the place we wanted to watch from.    When we finally started seeing the kayaks coming down, we were so excited I think we scared the first couple going by.    I hope you’ll join us this year to cheer these athletes on and help a good cause!

Read on for more information about Jerry’s Baddle

Jerry’s Baddle is a sporting event and festival honoring the life of Jerry Beckwith, an avid cyclist and kayaker, who died of ALS on April 4, 2006. The race was born out of a desire to keep his spirit and passion alive by raising money to help fight the disease that took his life, and to foster the community he loved. Since its inception the event has raised over $50,000 in support of ALS and the Green River Access fund. You can be a part of Jerry’s Baddle as a solo competitor, kayak/bike team , or Festival spectator.

Kayak/Bike Race Solo and team racers will paddle the famous Green River Narrows and then peddle a 26-mile bike race. Only experienced kayakers will race the Class V rapids in the 3-mile stretch of the Green Narrows.

The 26-mile bike course will challenge almost the same caliber of cyclists.  The ride climbs a total of 4,000 feet as cyclists race up the infamous switchbacks, circle historic downtown  Saluda, enjoy the Holbert Cove  descent, and stroll back up the Green River valley.

The race fee is $48 per person, and the fee includes race, festival, food, & music. All racers must pre-register at The kayak start times are limited to 120 one-minute increments. Registration for these events will close at 5pm on Thursday, April 21nd.  Race day check-in is between 8-9am at Wilderness Cove.

Festival The live music & hot food at Wilderness Cove Campground will start at 1pm. Non-racing participants will be charged a $20 entry fee. Racers and Festival attendees are welcome to camp at Wilderness Cove Campground.

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