Whole 30 again

January 2, 2013 marked the start of my second Whole 30 Program!

When I started my first Whole 30 on April 23rd 2012 my intention was to detox from processed foods, and maybe lose a little weight.    What I found out was, for my body anyway, eliminating dairy and grain from my diet helped me with some long term digestive issues.     In no way do I consider myself a celiac but I have some major sensitivities to gluten intake (details will not follow).        The hardest part for me was giving up cheese, crackers and beer.    To be honest I LOVE beer, really LOVE it, seriously you don’t know how much (i love it).   But I did it; zero alcohol, zero cheese and crackers… and it got easier every day.

I feel like I reset my overall diet.    I got away from the endless snacking I use to do on high carb foods the “filler” I call it now.   Before, I could knock back a bag of chips like a 14 year old.    I ended up going straight up Gluten-Free with the exception of beer… the really great beers have gluten, and I deal with the aftermath.     Over the past almost year eating Gluten Free, shopping for food and eating out have gotten a lot easier.     Ingles added more signage in their grocery store, more restaurants have GF menus (however you have to be careful if you are truly sensitive) and I’ve weaned my family off of bread with every meal.

So, why another Whole 30?

The most important reason…I feel great.  But, I think I can be better.   My first Whole 30 I mainly focused on eliminating dairy, grain and alcohol.  I still ate a good bit of fruit and I know too many nuts, I love a snack when I get home.   This time around I plan on fine tuning my menus, and I’ve added yoga to my regular excercise program.    My yoga instructor does not mess around and I’ve already seen a change in my body.   I am also keeping a food journal and I’m adding a lot more vegetables to our meals.   As Melissa from The Whole 30 says “fill your plate with vegetables, literally fill your plate with vegetables” then add the meat.

I know it’s not for everyone, but I feel like I’ve found what works for me to be well fed, happy and strong.


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