Field Trip to Bryson City

The eight two eight girls went on a short field trip to Bryson City NC.    I know it’s kind of a strange time to visit Bryson City because we are between seasons, but the opportunity arose  and we were off.

We stayed at the Watershed cabins, which was just beautiful.    Nice big kitchen, hot tub on the deck, lovely view and a huge game/bunk room for the kids.   While it was too cold for any longer term outdoor activity, we did get the kids out for a pretty strenuous hike to the waterfall and back.

During our couple of days, we made our way into town and was surprised to find a local brewery.    The Natahala Brewing Company, again the slow season but we were joined in the tasting room by a couple more people.    We had a great chat, tasted a few different beers, questioned they bartender about tours, their events  and local activities then we headed back to the cabin.    Of course because one person missed out on the brewery visit on day one, we had to go back the next day (it was only fair wink, wink)

The gal working that day could not have been any more welcoming.    We had a great time talking to her and brought nearly everyone in the tasting room into the conversation (some people just aren’t social). All in all lovely accommodations, nice quaint town and only 1 1/2 hours away.    Our plan is to go back and visit when it’s not so cold and TmD doesn’t have broken knee.

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