828 Fall Festivals Taylorsville NC

Fall is drawing near.   Time to start planning some field trips to local festivals.   As we find out about them we’ll post them here, so check back often.
October 19th, 2013  9am - 5pm
The streets of Taylorsville NC fill to overflowing for the Annual Taylorsville Apple Festival which draws an estimated 35,000 attendees and hosts over 250 exhibit booths. The festival provides a fantastic assortment of entertainment, food and vendors.

A-n-d because Apples are the reason for the Apple Festival, the festival always hosts the apple peeling contest, apple desert contest, and of course lots of apple vendors from which to buy cider, bagged apples, etc.   Apples are very important to Alexander County which currently ranks #3 in North Carolina apple production.

The proceeds raised each year go to all 11 Alexander County Schools for their needy children benevolence funds. So come out and join us and have a great day!


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