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I grew up with a mother who made all of her own clothes and ours, until in our teens we resisted.   So, it is no surprise that I have sewn, done needlepoint, and knitted since I was a little girl.   In all honesty, getting lost in a knitting or needlepoint project is sheer joy to me.   Dork!     I have been a pretty voracious knitter at times; even gave myself knitters elbow (tendentious) one Christmas trying to get projects done.    For the past year I have busied myself with other projects, committees and classes.   Lately though, I have longed to create something; you know it’s bad when you dream about knitting.
So on this first REALLY cool day of the year, I touched base with my friend Cindy Walker of Stony Hill Fiber Arts    I knew she would get me excited about starting a knitting project and she would make sure I used a great product.    Her organic cottons are grown, ginned, bailed, combed, spun a-n-d plied into finished yarns by small textile mills across the U.S.    Cindy has made a point to search out and buy from small and family owned mills, she works closely with these folks.     Cindy displays pictures of her friends and colleagues from the textile mills in her booth.   Cindy commented “As you can imagine most of my customers are women… but when I do shows in areas where the textile industry existed, men come to the booth and look at the pictures – they enjoy that someone is still honoring that heritage.”
Because of outsourcing, textile mills in the U.S. are closing or downsizing.  Many third and fourth generation mill workers have lost their jobs and been forced to retrain for new careers or go on unemployment.   Every one of us in the 828 knows this reality; we all know a textile mill that has closed it’s doors and sits quietly waiting, for someone to do something.
Every purchase we make, makes a difference.
Cindy & I picked out Mauna Kea Cotton, a machine washable organic cotton.     She helped me come up with my needle size and concept, and I’m ready to go on a small blanket.    I’ll be checking back in with my progress.
If you’re interested in knitting or buying yarn, reach out to Cindy Walker 828.817.3096, she is a wealth of information and just nice to talk to!
From American roots comes a beautiful American product.

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  1. tracey
    September 14, 2013 17:23

    Wow. I am inspired…. Maybe not to knit. But you have inspired me to start Writing again. As in writing-for-fun-and-leisure. Not just writing for work. Who knows…. Maybe I will even pick up my quilting again.

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