The Lavander Bistro

We visited the Bistro on Friday evening after tasting wine at La Bouteille.   When we walked in the six of us stood in the entry while the people at the bar (including the owner) looked at us.    Finally, a server came out of the back to greet and seat us.      After a couple of minutes she came back to the table to tell us that the kitchen was closed and that she was sorry.   

So to go over this again… 8:45 on Friday evening The Lavender Bistro closed their kitchen and six people walked out of their restaurant and spent our money with the nice folks at El Sureno.


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  1. jean-pierre debeuf
    February 8, 2014 12:55

    Sorry we were not able to accomodate your party.
    the restaurant was very slow last night and we closed the kitchen early. In the future please call us and make a reservation and the kitchen will remain open no matter of the time.

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